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Following Benefit You will Get:

  1. Setup: 100% Transparency, we will be giving you Google AdWords a/c User id & password. So that we can see on which keywords your money is being spent & how it is spent.
  2. Report: We will be sending you weekly report followed by phone call to explain you the performance & increment reports. Showing you how competitors are lagging behind us.
  3. Additional Services: No need to depend on your Web Designer. We will add conversion code, Remarketing code and any other code without any charge. We take all the responsibilities as we do.

FAQ - PPC Online Advertising

What is PPC Services?
PPC Services are advertisements that run on “pay per click” mechanism. When a customer clicks on a particular classified, he is routed to the landing of that advertised website, and a charge is triggered on the advertiser to Google’s account.

Why Should you Use it?
PPC is an instant advertising system wherein as an advertiser, we can set our own budget and also get effective sales. We can also target specific customers for specific products. In total, this method is very precise and calculative.

How Much it will Cost Me?
Every pay per click depends upon the type of product we are listing and the ratio of competition it is facing. The stiffer the competition, the more charge per click. For different goods and services, Google can charge from Rs. 5 to as much as Rs. 250 per click to the advertiser.

What is Google AdWords?
Google AdWords is an online advertising service which charges advertisers who display their product listings, images, video or content within the AdWords network. It is the main source of income generation for Google.

Why would I Pay for Search Engine Results?
Search engine lists both free (organic) and paid searches. Since the paid results are set apart from free searches and they are always put over the organic results, so they get first visibility status and strong conversion chances.

Where do ads Appear and What do They Look like?
Ads appear on the display page of a search engine and they might look like a text ad or a shopping ad. Shopping ads are placed on top of the text ads.

What Type of Ads should I use in Google AdWords?
I should use text ads in Google AdWords because they are the most cost effective search campaigns. But if we have a moderate budget and high merchandize, we can also run PLA (shopping campaign) which mandate Google merchant account and website should be SSL (secure sockets layer) certified. In addition, they use secure URL protocol i.e. HTTPS. However, to generate branding, display campaigns can be run as a promotional strategy.

What Type of Keywords you will Target?
There are many free tools like Google Keyword planner and paid tool also like keywordtool.io and many more. By digging the data from these tools, we can come to know which are more potential keywords. Since we have a long experience of 8 years, we can analyze precisely which customer wants to buy what product.

Say for eg., customers search for a T-shirt using the keyword “T-shirt "on Google, we would avoid using just this typical keyword as it will give us thousands of clicks. Perhaps a more better keyword “T-shirt online” will not only refine and narrow down searches but will relate better to a specific genre of customers looking for an online purchase. Using vague keywords like just “T-shirt” or “colorful T-shirts” could relate to a sect which might be more interested in T shirt images than buying it. A good keyword selection is proximate to more conversion than casual ones.

Your Best PPC Expert in Delhi - Our Pay Per Click Advertising Services

  • Tracking Installation & Testing
  • Develop Landing Page
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign assessment
  • Account Setup
  • Create advertisement
  • Analysis & Provide feedback
  • Campaign lunching
  • Handle performance
  • Provide free additional services

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Campaign’s A/B Testing Result

SMART Academy Tech Mahindra Foundation is the corporate social responsibility arm of Tech Mahindra Ltd. , provide Management System Certification among the customers throughout its entire range of activities and they partnered up with us at SEO BRUH (Google partner & PPC Experts) to get higher conversion rates. We created a separate landing page for them and With A/B testing, also called split testing, we showed them a better performing formula. Meanwhile, we created a challenge that added emotion & conversion centered design and proved quite effective.